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Month: June 2015

4th of July Crafts for Kids

Paper Bag Uncle Sam You will need: Glue, Scissors, Black and white pens, Red, white and blue cardstock. To make the hat first cut out a large square from the white cardstock and then make stripes using the red cardstock

Kids’ Yoga

Your child might not be old enough to correctly pronounce “Namaste,” but she’s probably old enough to enjoy the benefits of practicing yoga. Today, yoga is no longer just for adults. In fact, it has become all the rage among

Fear of the Dark: Rite of Passage or Destructive Emotion?

If you go to the library to find some resources on helping your children get over the fear of the dark; you’ll probably be hard pressed to find very much. Although the fear of the dark is said to plague millions

Miles and Miles of Milestones

What doctors and child development experts refer to as “developmental milestones” are just specific things that most children can do by a certain age. Children reach milestones in many areas – in how they play, learn, speak, and act. These

2015 Regal Summer Movie Express

Beat the heat for a few hours by ducking into a nice, cool theater to catch a family-friendly flick this summer! And save a few bucks by heading over to Regal Cinemas for some deeply-discounted tickets. This summer Regal Cinemas

Food Network’s Chopped is Casting Kids of All Ages!

How would you like to see your child compete in a hugely popular cooking show on TV? The Food Network is now casting the most talented kid chefs around the country! Does your kid cook like a professional chef? Food

Great Gifts for Dear Old Dad

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and the time has come once again to begin searching for a gift for dear old dad. Father’s Day gift shoppers have long since abandoned the notion that a new necktie is what

Fatherhood Gives a New Meaning to “Time”

There was a point in the first two weeks after my son, Mason, was born where I went five days on only eight hours of sleep. You could say that the transition into fatherhood was not the smoothest transition of

2018 Summer Reading Programs

It’s no easy task to keep your kids reading regularly (or at all)  once school is out for  summer. While some kids are natural readers, others may need a little extra motivation to crack open a book during the break.

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