August 2015 – Staten Island Parent
Month: August 2015

Top 15 Child Passenger Safety Tips

According to Cohen Law Group which stands among the top law firms in the country “Child safety seats provide the optimal protection against the leading cause of preventable injury and death to children – car crashes”. However, correctly installing and

8 Creative Tips for Easier School Lunches

Coming up with lunch ideas for kids every day can be a difficult task. Before tackling the job, grab a cup of coffee and peruse these helpful hints. They might just ease the process! • Freeze leftovers or even sandwiches

Strategies to Help Kids Focus on Schoolwork

Some youngsters experience difficulty when the time comes to focus on their schoolwork. Such difficulties may be linked to a variety of factors, and parents can be overwhelmed as they attempt to identify the root cause of their youngsters’ struggles

Breastfeeding Benefits & Back to Work Routines

Nature designed human milk especially for human babies, and it has many advantages over formula. Your milk contains just the right balance of nutrients, contained in a form most easily used by the baby’s immature body systems. Medical authorities, including

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