October 2015 – Staten Island Parent
Month: October 2015

Home for the Holidays?

“I’ll have Christmas at my house. You can do Thanksgiving.” “But I did Thanksgiving last year and I undercooked the turkey and almost made everyone sick! I don’t want Thanksgiving. It’s too much for me. Why can’t our cousins ever

Honoring Our Veterans: How to Show Your Support

Staten Island is a very patriotic place, as substantiated by the number of memorials dotting the island. Among these are parks, highways, and boulevards honoring those who have served in our military. Several of our high schools recognize their military

2015 Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway Part 1

This year’s Holiday Gift Guide has something for everyone! We’re giving away over $1000 in prizes to 14 lucky winners throughout November and December. Ask Amy Doll SRP $120 • www.askamydoll.com With natural-looking moving lips, blinking eyes and the ability

The Cake Smash Craze

Most children are told not to play with their food from the minute they’re old enough to start feeding themselves. But a fairly new trend on the first birthday scene has little ones doing quite the opposite. A smash cake

Lesser-known Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Public perception that breast cancer is only identified by lumps detected through self-examination or routine mammography may prevent thousands of women from receiving an early diagnosis and the care they need. Although lumps are the most common symptom associated with

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