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Month: April 2016

Mother’s Day for Every Kind of Mom

Who doesn’t love a good ole’ fashioned handmade card and an armful of roses? I sure do. Think about it. Mother’s Day is the one day out of the entire year where moms actually get their own holiday. It’s a

Good Moms, Bad Moments

During pregnancy you gave in to the urge for a Diet Coke. Gasp! You lifted heavy boxes while setting up your baby’s room. Uh oh! You ignored your doctor’s warnings not to gain more weight. Shhh! Before your child even

A Letter to My Younger Self With Advice on Raising My Daughters

Dear Younger Me: I know you weren’t really sure you wanted to have kids, but once you became a mom you wanted to do it right. Trouble is, you were always second-guessing whether you were doing it right as you

Crazy for Carousels

Are your kids crazy for carousels? There’s just something about that twirling, whirling sensation of a relaxing carousel ride. New York City is home to many a merry-go-round, with at least one or two in every borough. Here’s the rundown

Apple Roses

This Mother’s Day, don’t just buy your mom the same old boring bouquet of flowers. This woman gave you life! Show a little effort! You’ll be surprised how little effort it takes to make these beautiful rose-shaped apple pastries. Have

Is Your Child Exhausted?

We all know the signs and repercussions of our own exhaustion– careless mistakes, not being able to express your thoughts clearly, crankiness. You may very well like biting someone’s head off if asked to do something, anything. If you’re a

Babymoon: Pregnant and Due for a Vacation

Pregnancy is a pivotal time in a couple’s life. The birth of a child brings a whole new set of demands on time and energy that can create stress in the marriage relationship. Along with traditional childbirth preparations, some parents-to-be

2016 Essay Contest on Sportsmanship

New York Sports Connection Presents the 2016 Essay Contest on Sportsmanship “What Role Does Sportsmanship Play in Youth Sports?” Open to NYC Kids Ages 12 – 18! CASH and/or PRIZES of up to $500!! Mickey Mantle, a true sportsman, once

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