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Month: August 2016

25 Signs You’re a New Mom

I’m not a new mom. My kids are eight and four, so I’m not exactly new to this parenting rodeo. But like most moms, I’ll certainly never forget the sleepless nights, the ups and downs, the endless stress, and all of

Make a Lunch Kids Will Devour

Children can be picky eaters, making it challenging for parents to find foods their kids will consume. Family dinners are challenging enough, but lunches kids will love can be even more difficult to come by. Parents can prepare lunches kids

Get Ready for Fall Sports Season

Summer is a season of relaxation, especially for school-aged children who are not yet old enough to work. Such youngsters no doubt enjoy the chance to spend summer days lounging poolside or at the beach, all without a care in

College Car Prep 101: 4 Things Every Freshman Should Know

Summer is winding down, and millions of new drivers will be taking their parents’ old ride or a used car back to school. But beyond financial tips, what do kids need to know about their cars so that they don’t

Ice Cream Six Ways!

Sprinkle some creativity onto your ice cream this summer! Here are six easy ways to liven up everyone’s favorite frozen treat. 1. Lightly butter flour tortillas and sprinkle them with cinnamon and sugar. Drape the tortillas over the rungs of

Crafting with Community Resources Preschool: Flying Saucers

The U.P.K. classes at Community Resources Pre-School in Richmond Town had fun learning about the Solar System last month! The children became “Space Aces” by training and completing tasks such as “Galactic Gallops,” “Lunar Leaps,” and “Solar Stretches.” As “Certified

Community & School News July 2016

Fourth of July Travis Parade Happy Independence Day! The annual Fourth of July Travis Parade is celebrating its 106th anniversary this July. The parade is one of the longest running Independence Day celebrations in the country. This year’s Grand Marshal

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