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Am I Crazy, or Am I Just Pregnant?

No one really talks about how most pregnancies are not spent being blissfully happy or symptom-free. In fact, you’ve probably heard it a million times: Pregnant women glow. It is something we all want to believe; wouldn’t it be wonderful

The Gift of Giving

Despite all the communal hype, the holiday season can be a very inward-looking affair. While you hear phrases like “good will toward men,” and “peace on earth,” let’s face it, for so many Staten Island families, the focus is mainly

2017 Kids Night on Broadway

THE 21ST KIDS’ NIGHT ON BROADWAY WILL TAKE PLACE IN NEW YORK CITY ON TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH, 2017. On Kids’ Night on Broadway, young people age 18 and under can see a participating Broadway show for free when accompanied by

Holiday Break Unplugged

While jetting off to a tropical climate during your kids’ winter break from school may not be in your family’s budget, there are plenty of affordable activities within the five boroughs to keep them occupied and help create unique family

A Look at Adoption from the Inside

“You’re adopted. Your parents don’t even love you.” This line, from the movie Dodgeball, is callously delivered by Vince Vaughn but, to be honest, when I heard it I laughed. I’m very open-minded when it comes to comedy so to

Three-Ingredient Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Cooking for a crowd can be overwhelming, especially on Thanksgiving day. From stuffing the turkey to cleaning the house, you’ve got your hands full. So when it’s time to throw together some tasty side dishes, you need recipes that are

Bye Bye Baby Furniture

We got rid of our kids’ baby furniture today.  More specifically, we sold it on eBay.  Someone bid on it, won, and then came to my house and hauled it all away in a big black pickup truck. I cried

How To Stop the Bully and Spot the Bullied

It is important for adults to understand and recognize if a child shows signs of being a bully, or signs of being bullied, and how to appropriately intervene. But understanding the outward behavior and/or often-implied signals associated with either bullying

5 Tips to Safeguard Kids’ Digital World

Many parents struggle with the fine line of being a helicopter parent versus giving their children freedom to explore the benefits of the Internet. But, they have reason to be anxious. In one study widely cited in the media, 42% of

Surviving the Holidays From Your Kitchen

As much as everyone loves the holidays and the traditions they bring with them, nothing strikes fear into a host’s heart as much as trying to get hot food on the table and making everything look clean. One place which

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