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Time Out for Mom

Whether it’s juggling child care and play dates for infants and toddlers, carpooling teens to their academic, social and sporting events, or assisting adolescents with everything from college, work, and relationships, it’s easy to see how Staten Island moms of

Divorce Decisions

There is no doubt the decision to end a marriage is stressful. A careful consideration of many aspects, many of which may not be obvious, can help to navigate a successful divorce, and thus a more positive beginning to your

Choosing a Daycare that Works for Your Child and You

One of the toughest first decisions I had to make as a new parent-to-be was finding exceptional daycare for my newborn. I had to go back to work six weeks after giving birth so I began my daycare search long

Best Buys for the New Year

Smart shopping involves making budget-friendly purchases. Never paying full price is a mantra shoppers can follow to help keep their finances in check. In addition to coupons and other discounts, shoppers can usually score deals based on which time of

7 Things to Remember When Your Child Throws a Tantrum

When your child throws a tantrum it is easy to get frustrated, overwhelmed, angry, and embarrassed, especially if the tantrum occurs in public. Unfortunately, the occasional tantrum cannot be avoided. They happen to every parent but while your child is

Strategies for Last-Minute Shoppers

Holiday shoppers tend to fall into three distinct camps. There are those people who have completed all of their shopping and wrapping even before November ends. Others shop in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Finally, many people wait until

Creative Ways to Ring in the New Year

Counting down the hours until the new year can be exciting, as the world anxiously anticipates the adventures in store for the months ahead. Celebrating the new year dates back thousands of years to the ancient Babylonians, who celebrated a

Outdoor Recess Policy

When seasons change and temperatures fluctuate, parents sometimes have questions regarding the New York City Department of Education’s outdoor recess policy. Hopefully the following will alleviate some of the confusion: COLD WEATHER  Several years ago, school personnel were advised to

Explaining Sensory Processing Disorder

Educators and parents are more cognizant today about the various needs of their students and children. The lines between certain learning disabilities and conditions are not always easy to decipher, and this is especially true with a condition known as

30 Kid-Friendly Holiday Craft Ideas

The holidays are the perfect time to get crafty with your family. Get into the holiday spirit with these super cute, super easy projects you can do with children of all ages, then display them in your home for all

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