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Catholic Schools Week

Sponsored Content On Sunday, January 29th, 2017 the Staten Island Catholic Elementary schools will gather to celebrate in unity the Annual Catholic Schools Week Mass as a kick off to Catholic Schools Week. The theme for the weeklong celebration, as

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Nixing Nighttime Fears

Nighttime fears are highly common—and not just for little kids, either. “Studies show this is a very common issue, affecting up to three-quarters of kids from preschool through adolescence at one time or another,” clinical psychologist Jayne Schachter Walco, Ph.D.

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Chinese New Year Recipes

Chinese New Year is a traditional Chinese holiday that dates back several centuries. Several myths and traditions are associated with Chinese New Year, which is celebrated in countries across the globe. Those celebrations vary depending on geography, but a focus

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Steps to Choosing the Right Preschool

  Kindergarten used to mark a child’s first foray into formal education. But elite preschool like https://ovcainc.com/ have now taken up that mantle for many students. Some parents may recall their own preschool experiences, mostly remembering extended moments of play

Winter Craft Ideas For Kids

Brisk temperatures and hazardous roads often leave families housebound and longing for warmer days in the winter. But don’t succumb to cabin fever; try one of these fun, winter-inspired crafts to keep your kids happily occupied during those long, cold

Recycle Holiday Cards

The holidays have come and gone, and now it is time to pack away the decorations and retire the tree for another season. It’s also time to decide what to do with the dozens of greeting cards that arrived in

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