April 2017 – Staten Island Parent
Month: April 2017

What is 3K For All?

That “3” is not a typo, folks. Mayor de Blasio has recently announced the city’s plans to provide a free, full day of school to all three-year-olds in New York City. The program kicks off in the fall for schools

How to Improve Relationships

Relationships can bring out the best in people, especially when couples share similar interests and goals. But even the most solid relationships can be put to the test by those bumps in the road that everyone faces from time to

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What To Do With All that Stuff!

Raising kids creates clutter. Most families do regular sweeps to get rid of outgrown clothes and toys.  And most have favorite places to take donations—the rummage sale at the church, the food pantry for the community, the drop off center

Syringes on Our Streets: How to Report Illegal Drug Activity

As many of us have unfortunately seen, seeing syringes and needles on the streets and properties on Staten Island is becoming an all too frequent sight. It is happening in neighborhoods all across Staten Island, as well as across the

How to Talk to a Depressed Teen

The world is a challenging place for teenagers these days and taking that developmental journey from childhood to young adulthood is more stressful than ever. With the proliferation of social media, expectations for our teens to be popular have gone

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You’re Stronger Than You Think

“Mommy I’m scared. I can’t breathe.” You never want to hear your child say that to you. And when my four-year-old daughter recently said it to me one night around 2am when her cough went from 0-60 out of nowhere, I didn’t waste

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