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Easy Holiday Goodies

Not sure what to send in for your child’s holiday party? Every kid will love these adorable no-stress treats! Reindeer Rice Krispies Treats Ingredients Premade Rice Krispies Treats (or you could make your own) Candy Eyeballs Red M&M’s or other

8 Family-Friendly New Year Party Games

Are you including the kids in your New Year’s celebration this year? For most of us, that means we bring the kids to the party, but send them off to play with their friends while we mingle with ours. It’s

Snow Shoveling for Seniors

Do you have an elderly neighbor? Someone who is unable to shovel whenever it snows? Over 2,500 seniors are requesting snow shoveling assistance this year. You can help by joining Where to Turn’s Shoveling for Seniors Program. Kids seventh grade

Top 5 Black Friday Shopping Tips: Are You Brave Enough?

If you are a pure business genius and understand Where Do Liquidation Sales Come From? And How they are used? Then you clearly understand the reason why bargaining is an essential part of any business. Bargain hunters nationwide will take

14 Rules to Keep Your Teen Safe at Concerts and Other Crowded Public Places

In a world where mass shootings have become chillingly commonplace, parents are naturally hesitant to let their teens venture off to concerts and other crowded public places with friends. Like many families the shock and horror of what happened at

10 Life Lessons from My Journey to Motherhood

SPONSORED CONTENT Recent pregnancy talk among friends got me reminiscing about my own pregnancies. I feel so fortunate to have had two happy AND healthy pregnancies, which culminated in movie-style deliveries complete with my husband driving insanely to the hospital, me being wheeled into

Adoption: The Trials and Triumphs of Forever Families

There are many reasons why people consider adoption. For some, it’s a result of failed fertility efforts. For others, it’s a desire to enlarge their family and make life better for a child. But for all, it’s a way to

Wholly Unique, But Completely Twins

While expecting my now two-and-a-half-year-old twins, I received a ton of advice from other moms of multiples. Just like every child is different, every set of twins has a nuanced relationship with one another and with the world. The fun

What’s in a Name? New York State Learning Standards (the New Common Core)

The NYS Board of Regents and Education Department recently rolled out the Next Generation English Language Arts & Mathematics Learning Standards. There has been a great deal of fanfare involved in this rebranding. The newly named standards for English Language

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