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Combating Summer Slide

Foster an “Outside” Connection to Learning! Summer is the perfect time to show kids that learning doesn’t just happen at school. And one of the best ways to make at-home learning fun during the summer is to take it outside!

12 Weeks of Summer! Week 2!

School is out and summer is full swing! How will you be spending your first official week of summer fun with your family? Here are our ideas, day by day. And don’t forget to check out the S.I. Parent Family

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12 Weeks of Summer! Week 1

Summer starts this week! The kids are still in school but the last day is so close you can practically taste it. Long days at the pool or beach, warm summer nights laughing with friends, lazy mornings sleeping in and

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How to Banish Mosquitoes from Your Yard

Time spent in the backyard on spring and summer afternoons and evenings contributes heavily to the popularity of these times of year. Many homeowners go to great lengths to make their outdoor living spaces as luxurious as possible, only to

Tips for Parents of Aspiring Babysitters

Prepare Your Child Before Accepting a Job Many tweens and teenagers babysit to earn money. Babysitting can instill responsibility in children as they’re on the cusp of becoming more independent. Would-be babysitters who have cared for younger siblings may know

Archery and Rifle Shooting Programs in NYS Public Schools– Should They be Banned?

Manhattan New York State Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal has authored a bill that would ban riflery, trap shooting, and archery in public schools throughout the state. While her proposal is in response to the rise in gun violence in schools,

Choosing The Right Chores For Your Kids

Most parents want their kids to participate in the household by doing chores. And rightly so. But how do you go about deciding which chores to assign your kids – and what role should you play in helping them complete

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