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71 Day Trip Ideas Near Staten Island

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR EVENT UPDATES AND MORE! Need some inspiration for a quick family getaway? Here’s a mega roundup of day trip ideas that are a two-and-a-half hour drive (or less) from Staten Island. Whether you spend

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Parenting the Old-Fashioned Way

Why the “My Kids Turned Out Just Fine” Argument is Invalid How many times have you argued with your parents or in-laws about how to take care of your kids? I can remember numerous heated discussions with my mother-in-law in

12 Weeks of Summer — Week 6!

As July draws to a close, we’re thrilled there’s still plenty of summer left to enjoy. This week, check out some hidden gems on the Island with your family and do a few things you haven’t tried before. Here’s our

50 Movies All Kids Should Watch Before They’re 12

When it comes to movie night, there’s nothing like a classic film to keep everyone captivated. According to Common Sense Media, these movies are a must-see for kids under 12 due to their positive message, wonderful role models, and all-around

12 Weeks of Summer – Week 5!

Is it just us, or is this summer pretty awesome so far? Every week has been a total blast! And Week 5 should be no exception. From Shark Week to carousels to movies for a buck, it’s definitely gonna be

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The Top 10 Super Moms

Love ’em or hate ’em, the Super Moms of the world are out there. They’re the overachievers of parenting, and we often find ourselves trying, maybe a little too hard, to be the most super mom of them all. So

12 Weeks of Summer – Week 4!

Summer is only 12 weeks long, so get out and enjoy as much of it as you can with your family before you blink and it’s over. Staten Island is home to are TONS of events, (even FREE ones) including

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The Drug Epidemic: What to Look For

As we are all well aware, the drug problem is at epidemic proportions. With no “summer break” on the horizon, parents keep up their vigilance in accessing their child’s behavior.  Everyone has been touched by this tragedy, whether within their

12 Weeks of Summer – Week 3!

It’s only the first full week of July, which means we still have two months of summer left to enjoy and you’ve got plenty of opportunities to make this summer unforgettable for your family. Here’s Week 3 of our 12

Mental Illness – Breaking the Stigma

Far too often, there is a lack of sympathy or understanding the impact mental illness can have on an individual, their family and the community as a whole. I know first-hand what impact mental illness can have on a family.

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