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Month: January 2019

Sandy Ground: A Piece of African-American History in Staten Island

As February rolls in we celebrate and honor the rich African-American history of our country. Schools and communities explore the struggles and triumphs of African-Americans in the United States, from the blight of slavery to the civil rights movement and

February Family Fun on Staten Island

A small month with big holidays! With just 28 days (barring leap years, of course), February is the shortest month. Many people have no idea why that is, as it’s the only month to have fewer than 30 days. There

Apply for 3-K & Pre-K on February 4!

Parents of children entering 3-K or Pre-K in the fall can apply starting Monday, February 4, 2019. Here’s what you need to know: 3-K 3-K will be offered in Staten Island (District 31) for the first time in the fall

Indoor & Outdoor Snow Day Ideas

Outdoor Fun Ideas Shovel a shallow path in the snow around the yard to create a snow maze. Bring toy dump trucks outside and play “snow removal.” Ask the kids to help you shovel (the little ones may like this

Tissue Box Dinosaur Feet

Parents know that children’s imaginations know no limits when it comes to playtime. However, the right prop can take make-believe to the next level. Once they put on these ultra-cool dinosaur feet, your kids won’t ever want to take them

Winter Super Foods

Tasty foods for boosting your immune system this season! While the word “superfood” might conjure images of vegetables donning capes and fighting crime, it isn’t as ridiculous a metaphor as it sounds. Foods that are nutrient-rich and packed with healthy

Prepping for Preschool

How Staten Island Families Weigh Their Early Education Options If your toddler has reached the age for admission to daycare or preschool, it may be an emotional milestone for you — and them — to overcome. But, the decision-making and

Camp Good Grief

When a child has felt the devastating loss of a parent or loved one, spending time with others who understand their pain is a good way for everyone to heal together. That’s why Camp Good Grief is the perfect fit

Family Finances: Five Tips for Planning in 2019

My husband would laugh if he knew I was writing about budgeting money. Like most couples, there’s a spender and a saver. Guess which one I am? But I’m writing this article as much for myself as I am for

New Role…….Same Passion

Monday, December 4th, 2018 was a bittersweet night. I took part in my last Community Education Council 31 meeting as a council member. I have had the privilege and honor of serving as an elected volunteer parent member since 2009.

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