S.I. Parent’s Growing Up Online Column

guoWhether we like it or not, our children are growing up in a digital world. Technology plays a major role in everyday life. This award-winning column by Carolyn Jabs helps parents understand what kids are doing online at the computer, on a tablet,  or their cell phones.

February 2018 Teaching Kids to Be Kind Online

January 2018Making YouTubeKids Safer for Kids

December 2017Tech Gifts—for People Who Truly Need Them

November 2017What to Do About Bullies

October 2017The Rewards of Having a Wired Grandparent 

September 2017Are We Addicted to Cellphones?

August 2017What to Consider Before Using GPS to Track Your Kid

July 2017 – Is Your Family Using Technology Wisely?

June 2017 – Getting a Grip on the Internet of Things

May 2017What To Do With All that Stuff!

April 2017What Does This Mean? How to Translate Texts

March 2017Does Spending Time Online Destroy Empathy?

February 2017 News That’s Worth Sharing

January 2017Digital Resources to Keep Your Family Healthy

December 2016 – Teaching Children to Spend Wisely—Online and Elsewhere

November 2016 Charity Begins at School

October 2016Tips for Connected Caregivers

September 2016Common Sense Rules for Pokemon Go and Other Augmented Reality Games

August 2016 – Buying and Selling Back-to-School Clothes Online

July 2016Helping Children Rediscover Play

June 2016Raising Kids Who Can Code

May 2016 – Helping Children Rediscover Play  

April 2016New Guidelines for Tots and Tech

March 2016 Dealing With Distraction

February 2016 Protecting Your Family’s Medical Information

January 2016 Eleven Peaceful Apps for Families

December 2015 When Google Won’t Do…

November 2015 Charity for Every Day of the Year

October 2015 Should Toys Talk to Kids?

September 2015 Becoming Mindful about Photos

August 2015 How is Social Media Changing Our Schools?

July 2015 Apps that Connect Families and Nature

June 2015 How Social Media Can Shape a Girl’s Body Image

May 2015 Recognizing Fake News

April 2015 Emoji Acronyms, and Emoticons: What Does it all Mean?

March 2015  The Pros and Cons of Anonymous Social Media

February 2015  Making the Most of Infographics

January 2015  How Old is Old Enough for Social Networking?