Toybox Tools: Toys and Tools for Children with Special Needs


ToyBox Tools, in collaboration with The Autism Project, is an initiative that provides a series of instructional videos, printed instructions, play-mats and more for several classic Hasbro brands. These supportive tools serve as a free, online resource for parents, caretakers and educators to make play easier and more accessible for children who need support.

Today, nearly one out of four children has some type of developmental challenge, ranging from ADHD and autism spectrum disorders to learning disabilities and developmental delays. Because playtime can often be challenging to children with these diagnoses, toys go to the bottom of the toy box, and the joy that comes from connecting between peers, siblings and other generations gets lost.

ToyBox Tools can help children experience the joy of play with three levels of tools available for those who need support: basic play, expanding play and social play levels. Parents and caregivers can visit the ToyBox Tools site, access the tools they need, download and print them for use at home or in the classroom. Each level caters to different aspects of play that children may need help with, like simply introducing the toy and how to use it, experiencing alternative ways to play with a toy and encouraging turn-taking with peers. ToyBox Tools recognizes that parents and caregivers know their child’s ability best and encourages them to use their judgment in selecting the right product and level of play appropriate for their child. Supportive tools are included for some of the classic Hasbro products, such as MR. POTATO HEAD, PLAY-DOH DR. DRILL ‘N FILL and TROUBLE.

Click here to visit the ToyBox Tools website.