S.I. Grandparents: Life is Grand!

Enjoying Life as a  Staten Island Grandparent

Enjoying Life as a Staten Island Grandparent

Staten Island Grandparents defy the stereotype of senior citizens. They are vibrant, active members of the community, often stepping in as caregivers for their grandchildren. Whether with the kids or on their own, many are seeking information and ideas for making Life Grand!

Staten Islander Marianna Randazzo, who is an author, educator, as well as a newly minted grandmother, uses her new title to bring you what’s new and relevant in today’s world of grandparenting.

Check out this column each month for information, such as:

  • Best deals and discounts for Seniors
  • Places to go with and without the kids
  • Crafts and recipes to do with the grandchildren
  • Keeping Your Relationship with the Grandkids FUN

December 2015 – Memorable Gifts that Show You Care – Even From a Distance – Being away from grandparents during the holidays shouldn’t take away from the meaning of sharing and caring about each other. With today’s technology and a few trinkets from the Dollar store or a souvenir shop, a lot of love could be shared on any day of the year.

November 2015 – Giving Thanks for Grandparents – As grandparents we are given new opportunities to play, love and appreciate seeing the little ones grow, mature and develop into loving human beings. Not that we didn’t see that with our own children but the stresses of parenthood, lifestyles and jobs sometimes got in our way. As grandparents we can find new ways to strengthen family ties, and provide joyful memories and valuable life lessons, in no particular order!

October2015 – New Lessons for Grandparents -That new baby is here and we get to love her up! Great, but that’s just part of it. The parents hold all the cards and there may be new rules to the game since our own babies were born.

September 2015 – Communication is a Work of Art – What is your communication style, and how can it keep you sharp mentally? Today, many methods of interaction do not even require people to come together, such as reading this text.

August 2015 – Six Inexpensive Memory Makers – As we begin the second half of the summer vacation, time with the grandchildren can become more challenging and expensive. It’s great when kids are outdoors pursuing activities, but unbearable heat could drive them indoors and that could mean pricey activities. Below are a few frugal ideas to keep grandparents and youngsters occupied as summer comes to an end.

July 2015 – 10 Days’ (or more!) of Fun with the Grandkids – With a whole month of summer ahead, carve out a few days to spend with the grandchildren without even leaving the Island! Why travel off Staten Island when the tourist sites right here have so much to offer?

June 2015 – Fun & Free Memory Makers – Whether babysitting or visiting the grandkids this summer, here are a few simple and interactive ways to make your time together light and easy and memorable too!

April 2015 – Grandparenting a Child with Autism – Ten years ago, grandparents Bob and Suzanne Wright founded Autism Speaks, an organization that conducts awareness and outreach activities aimed at families, governments, and the public. Autism Speaks’ goal is to change the future for all who struggle with an autism spectrum disorder. They have been an inspiration to grandparents everywhere.

March 2015 – Culture in the Fifth Borough with the Grandchildren – One of the grandest things about being a grandparent is an opportunity to share the things we are passionate about with a new audience. When my own children were young, I dragged them through museums, mostly on Mother’s Day or my birthday–occasions when I got to pick the activity. (read more here)

January 2015 – Some Perks for Growing Older. If you’ve made it past your 50th birthday, you have some rewards points to cash in. Financial perks are just beginning, so be aware, if not for yourself, perhaps your parents or elder relatives. There are dozens of ways to save money — including some programs that aren’t widely advertised — if you’re not too modest to boast about your age. (read more here) 

December 2014 – Where Did the Year Go? I’m not sure how the holidays crept up on me so quickly, but alas they are here. The family grows and that is a beautiful thing but the question remains: What do you give when you have no idea what to give? (read more here)

November 2014 – Staten Island Friendship Clubs.Ain’t it good to know that you’ve got a friend?” In 1971, when James Taylor sang those lyrics, I’m sure he didn’t realize how true they would ring for thousands of seniors who have found fun, friendship, and even romance in Staten Island’s own Friendship Clubs. (read more here)

October 2014 – The Family Colors.  From my own parents to my children to my grandson, I have observed three generations of cultural growth and discovery….(read more here)

September 2014 – premiere column – Today’s Grandparents.  Being a grandparent is one of the most special experiences a parent can have. Now that I’ve joined that golden club, I know what all the fuss is about…(read more here)


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