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  • Big snowman in green hat next to little snowman 47 Ways to Keep Kids Busy on a Snow Day

    As exciting as a snow day seems at first, it can quickly go from delightful squeals of joy to those two words that no parent ever wants to hear: “I’m bored.” Need some boredom busters to get through the day? Try a few of these ideas to keep your whole family entertained ’til bedtime! Make pillow and blanket forts. Have a puzzle race– see who can finish their puzzle first! Go sledding outside. No sled? Use cardboard or garbage can lids. Bring toy dump trucks outside and play “snow removal.” Bake snowman or snowflake cookies together. Warm up with some homemade hot chocolate. Movie time: hot chocolate + popcorn. Dim the lights! Have a scavenger hunt. Use themes like colors or numbers. Get creative with colored tape: floor maze, racetracks, hopscotch, limbo, endless possibilities! Play simple card games like Go Fish and Rummy. Go on a nature walk. Gather winter nature items, like pine cones and icicles. Look for frozen “fossils.” Make ice bubbles by blowing bubbles and watch them freeze on the wand. Throw an indoor “beach” party with beach towels, sand pails, bathing suits, sunglasses, etc. Silly storytelling; take turns making up funny stories. Host a coloring marathon. Find coloring sheets of your kids’ favorite characters on the internet and print them out. Ask the kids to help you shovel (the little ones may like this more than the big ones). Grab the mani/pedi kit and have a spa day. Host an indoor picnic; invite the dolls and other stuffed animals. Fill your bathtub with snow and let the kids play. Dress up time! Host a fashion show. Make it even more fun by capturing it on video. Write letters to friends, family, the President, anyone! Make magazine collages. Help a neighbor. Check in on elderly friends and neighbors and offer to shovel their driveways and walkways, if necessary. Read a book about the snow or winter together. Make your own book about snow together. Take pictures of the storm and print them out, then write captions. Make snowflake cut-outs and hang them up for an “indoor” snow storm. Make puppets out of old socks and have a puppet show. Paint” the snow using water, food coloring, and squeeze bottles. Host a board game marathon; each family member chooses a game. Make a big pot of soup together. Kids can help toss ingredients in the pot! Click here for some great recipes. Host a tea party. All the stuffed animals are invited! Have a dance party. Let your little ones pick the tunes. Create an indoor obstacle course. Put on a play. Have kids act out scenes from their favorite movies or TV shows. Go camping indoors by setting up a tent in your living room. Stovetop s’mores, anyone? Ditch the snowman; make snow monsters! Reverse school day: have your kids be the teacher and teach the “class” what they are learning in school. Make giant marbles: fill water balloons with colored water and leave outside over night. Make a “train” using kitchen table chairs. Kids can take turns playing conductor. Same concept as #39, but make a roller coaster instead. Weeee! Do some Lunar New Year-themed crafts. It’s the Year of the Rooster! Shovel a shallow path in the snow around the yard to create a snow maze. Host a marathon video game battle. Play some fun indoor games. Make a winter-themed craft. Tell some hilarious snow-themed jokes. Teach your kids some fun facts about the snow! Read Next | 35 Boredom Busters Read Next | Learn about Staten Island Home Improvement and Contractors

  • incredible kids awards Incredible Kids Awards

    Do you know an incredible kid? We want to hear all about it! Staten Island’s Incredible Kids Awards recognizes and honors outstanding children in the community. Each month, we are asking Staten Islanders to nominate kids who’ve made a difference in their communities or in the lives of others. The honorees and their impressive achievements will be recognized in Staten Island Parent and on siparent.com, and will receive a $150 Amazon gift card, courtesy of Staten Island University Hospital. Nomination Period: January 4 – January 17 Voting Period: January 18– January 31 New Contest Begins on or around February 1 January Honoree Announced First Week in February Meet our September Incredible Kid of the Month, Caylee Pecoraro! Meet our October Incredible Kid of the Month, Angelina Palmer! Meet our November Incredible Kids of the Month, Amina & Ariana Cross! December Incredible Kid of the Month Coming Soon! Scroll down and click the button at the bottom of the page to enter or vote for the child you feel deserves to be honored in Staten Island’s Incredible Kids Awards. Meet January’s Featured Pediatric Specialists Staten Island University Hospital’s hematologists/oncologists provide specialized care for children or teens who are diagnosed with blood diseases or cancer, including leukemia, lymphoma, brain and bone tumors, as well as disorders of red and white blood cells and platelets. Click the button above to enter or vote for a child in Staten Island’s Incredible Kids Awards!

  • elegant white living room A Guide to Home Improvement in Staten Island

    Are you working on any home improvement projects? Planning on renovating, upgrading, painting, redecorating, or updating your house? You’ll need contractors, painters, landscapers, HVAC specialists, remodelers, and more. Check out our first edition of Fix Up My Home, our new digital magazine where you’ll find tips and ideas for home upgrades as well as many Staten Island home improvement professionals. You can also win a $500 Gift Card to Home Depot!! Three Easy Ways To View: • Scroll through the issue within the box below, or • Click the arrow in the upper right corner below, or • Download Fix Up My Home here Enjoy! Fix Up My Home Incredible Kids Contest


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