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  • Richmond County Day Campers Questions to Ask a Camp Director

    Sponsored Content provided by Richmond County Day Camp Choosing the right summer camp for your child can be exciting—but it can also be tricky. Before you dive in, it’s a good idea to ask friends and family for recommendations, and check referral organizations like the American Camp Association (ACA). Once you’ve targeted a few, pick up the phone or visit the camp. The best way to choose the right summer camp for your child is to speak to a camp director and ask him/her the right questions. How is the camp handling the COVID epidemic? No one knows what—if any—restrictions and modifications will be necessary for the upcoming summer. Last summer, Richmond County Day Camp in Staten Island was one of the few camps in the area that opened. “We felt it was important to provide a safe, fun summer to our campers (and relief to their parents),” camp director Kathy McBride said. “Many were isolated with no friends or recreation for months. Enrollment and group size was limited, and cleanliness, distancing, and other guidelines were adhered to. We fully expect that in 2021, camp will return to normal, but we are prepared for any eventuality.” What are the facilities like? Look for safety, cleanliness, and an indoor/air-conditioned building for those hot and rainy days. Is there an adequate, private swimming pool? Are there sport’s fields and other amenities to keep your kids busy. It is also wise to find out how many years the camp has been operating and the qualifications and experience of the owners and directors. How were staff members hired? Who is going to be overseeing your kids, and keeping them happy and safe? How were they screened and trained? Parents should also ask about the camper to counselor ratio. McBride suggests that ten campers to every counselor should be the maximum. Ask how the campers are grouped—by age, grade, gender, etc.? Campers should always be with other campers their own age. Are transportation & extended hours provided? Ask about bus service: Is it included or extra? Are drivers certified and buses inspected? Do all vehicles have seat belts, air conditioning, and supervision? Is door to door service an option? How long is the trip to and from camp? What about pick-up/drop-off times? Is extended day an option? What is the tuition and how can it be paid? In addition to the cost of tuition, you will want to ask about payment plans and if there’s minimum number of days or weeks of attendance. Is there a surcharge for using a credit card? Also, can you make changes to your enrollment without penalty? What is the refund policy and are there sibling or early-bird discounts? What is included in tuition—lunch or snacks, for example? What kinds of activities does the camp offer? Good camps offer a wide variety of activities such as swimming, sports, art, music, nature, and trips to keep your child interested. Richmond County Day Camp, for example, does all those activities and also takes campers to Medieval Times, Dave & Busters, baseball games, iPlay America and much more. How does the camp communicate with parents? Does the camp send out regular emails, newsletters, or text messages? Do they have a social media presence? How will you know if there are weather cancellations or late dismissals? Can parents visit during camp and are messages returned promptly? Is there a camp nurse or other health professional? There should be a trained medical professional on site at all times. Are counselors certified in CPR? Does the camp apply sunscreen? How are food allergies and pre-existing medical conditions handled? Who dispenses medicines and tends to injuries? Now is the perfect time to choose a summer camp. Tuition may be lower, and groups have not been filled. Reach out to a camp director today. We all know our kids could use some safe, healthy fun in the sun this summer.

  • JCC Day Camp Kids with Bunny The Benefits of Summer Camp

    Sponsored Content provided by the JCC Lillian Schwartz Day Camp in Staten Island The benefits of summer camp include fun and games, but camp is also an opportunity to learn life lessons that will help your child during the rest of the year. Campers will learn swimming, archery, photography, dance, and baseball, but a major reason why camp is good for kids is that it can teach them skills that will help them during the school year. Summer Camp Teaches Kindness and Respect Campers and counselors come from various backgrounds and cultures, and yet camp is a place to share a common experience despite these differences. Everyone plays tennis and takes swimming lessons—and learns how to coexist in harmony. Kids realize they must respect and work with others to accomplish their goals, which will encourage healthy school collaborations and interactions. Camp Fosters Creative Expression Camp encourages kids to take risks and express themselves in a safe and nurturing environment. For example, at the JCC Day Camp in Staten Island, kids can try their hand at bracelet-making or play a new sport in the annual “Maccabi Games.” This will make them more comfortable expressing themselves in school, where they might then try out for a school play or jump into graphic design classes. Kids at Summer Camp Learn Patience and Persistence Adjusting to a new setting, new friends, new schedules and activities takes patience and persistence. Students put these skills into action during school—by working through difficult math problems or practicing a second language. We may outgrow the ability to be campers, but we never outgrow the need for these significant lessons—especially in a learning environment Summer Camp and Self-Reliance Because their parents aren’t present, kids learn how to make decisions and come up with coping mechanisms. At camp, they must identify the resources that can help them meet personal and group goals, resolve conflicts, and find success—all essential abilities for school as well. Campers Learn Socializing Without Social Media There is no email or internet at camp—no PlayStation, Facebook or Tik Tok, which means kids are forced to interact on a basic human level. Learning how to relate in person, without the aid or disguise of social media, is crucial for classroom dynamics and for developing friendships during recess and after school. Summer Camp Teaches Responsibility for Others Beyond the buddies, baseballs, and bonfires lies the true value of the summer camp experience: a heightened sense of personal responsibility for the well-being of others. Studies by SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) show that young people who have attended summer camp are significantly more likely to feel good about their relationships and to take positive risks, such as volunteering for new clubs or performing community service. Summer Camp Instills Self-Confidence Camp is a time to achieve, take action and earn results. At the JCC Lillian Schwartz Day Camp in Staten Island, this might mean engaging in a game of gaga for the first time, practicing Jiu-jitsu or learning how to paint. As a result of hard work and achievement, campers become more confident in themselves and their abilities. “While camp life is scheduled, it runs at a slower pace. Kids have time to reflect on who they are, who they want to be, how they may want to change the world,” says Tom Rosenberg, president and CEO of the American Camp Association. Campers Learn the Science of Nature Campers are surrounded by nature all day. They learn to appreciate and discover the great outdoors, which includes an education in math and science. At the JCC Lillian Schwartz Day Camp in Staten Island, the lush Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds serves as a backdrop for all activities. Kids have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities that involve science, technology, engineering, and math—like woodworking and Lego robotics. Sometimes it’s hard for parents to send their little ones away to camp for the day, the week, the month, or the entire summer. But when they do, it’s clear that the lessons learned last far into their future adult years and, more immediately, help them in the classroom today.

  • winter guide Staten Island Winter Guide

    Are you looking for the best places to go in Staten Island this winter? The Staten Island Guide to Winter Fun tells you what’s safe to do and what to visit during the cold months of winter. We’ve also got some fun suggestions for snow days, in case a snowstorm or blizzard hits Staten Island this January or February or even March. And if the weather is a little too chilly to go out, our editor revealed some of her top accounts for moms to follow on social media (so you can scroll away and tune out the crazy sounds of your cabin fever-stricken family).

  • couple eating takeout 2021 Restaurant Dining in Staten Island

    UPDATED Feb 8: Governor Cuomo announced that indoor dining in NYC restaurants can return at 25 percent capacity on Friday, February 12. In New Jersey, Gov. Phil Murphy just raised the capacity limit for indoor service to 35 percent Friday. He also lifted the 10 p.m. indoor service curfew, which Cuomo says will stay in New York. At just 25% capacity, snagging a seat at your fave eatery might not be easy. Be sure to keep this list handy, featuring the Staten Island restaurants offering cozy, heated outdoor seating. Here’s some more great news. NYC Restaurant Week To Go has been extended through Feb. 28! Dubbed “NYC Restaurant Week To Go,” there are a number of Staten Island restaurants participating. Order lunch or dinner for $20.21 — a nod to the new year — through Sunday, Jan. 31. The offer includes a prix-fixe entrée and at least one side. Plus, if you purchase your meal with a registered Mastercard, you’ll get $10 back. There are 570 restaurants registered throughout the city. Below are the 15 participating Staten Island Restaurants: Denino’s Pizzeria & Tavern Reggiano’s The Hop Shoppe Vinum Wine Bar Lakruwana Lorenzo’s Restaurant, Bar & Cabaret Bruno’s Bakery & Restaurant – Forest Ave. Reggiano’s II Harvest Cafe The Manor Restaurant Maizal Restaurant DaddyO’s BBQ Bruno’s Bakery & Restaurant – Hylan Blvd. The Richmond Applebee’s Grill + Bar – Multiple Locations Dining On Staten Island Do you miss dining out as much as we do? Last summer, despite Covid restrictions, outdoor dining was available practically everywhere. The good news is it’s still available in many locations, as eateries all over Staten Island have turned to heated outdoor tents to allow for table service — even in the middle of the winter. Many of them are surprisingly cozy, if you haven’t tried it out yet. If your family is craving a restaurant quality meal (or maybe you just want the night off from cooking) consider ordering in from any of the restaurants listed below. Takeout and delivery is available for most. You can call restaurants directly for information on outdoor dining and reservations. That being said, we sure do miss going out to eat with kids! Ok, and going out for dinner without kids too. Fingers crossed indoor dining opens safely and soon in Staten Island and all over New York City! You can also view the list below at statenislandusa.com. Be sure to follow the Borough President’s office for more Covid updates and information in Staten Island! Restaurant Phone Address Details 494Chicken 718-494-1998 3785 Victory Blvd Takeout and delivery Alfonso’s Pastry Shoppe 718-273-8802 1899 Victory Blvd Tues-Sat 9am-7pm Sun 7am-6pm Curbside pickup, takeout, delivery to 10314 $25 min Andrew’s Diner 718-948-8544 4160 Hylan Blvd Pickup and delivery Angelina’s Ristorante 718-227-2900 399 Ellis Street Pickup and delivery Annadale Terrace 718-984-0700 801 Annadale Road Takeout and delivery Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar 430 New Dorp Lane Permanently Closed Ariana’s South 718-967-8500 60 Bridge St Complimentary grab and go meals for elderly or sick neighbors, family members, first responders, NYPD, and healthcare workers Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse 718-966-9600 23 Nelson Ave Takeout and delivery Aunt Butchies of Brooklyn 718-227-0002 4864 Arthur Kill Road Curbside pickup Bagel Bin 718-442-2300 486 Forest Ave Pickup Bagels N’ Buns 718-761-1900 2491 Victory Blvd Takeout, pickup and delivery Bagles on the Lane 718-667-4100 166 New Dorp Lane Deliveries within 10306 Bari’s Pizza Restaurant 718-865-3758 596 Bay St Pickup and delivery Basil Cucina 718-448-1087 1686 Forest Ave Delivery Basilio Inn 718-720-6835 6 Galesville Court Closed until March Bay Deli & Grocery 718-448-0490 680 Bay St Baya Bar 718-360-5005 6833 Amboy Road Takeout and delivery through DoorDash and GrubHub Bayou 718-273-4383 1072 Bay St Delivery and pickup Beans and Leaves Cafe 718-448-0276 422 Forest Ave Takeout and delivery (8am-12pm) Bella Mama Rose 718-981-0545 266 Morningstar Road Pickup and Delivery Beso 718-816-8162 11 Schuyler St Delivery and pickup Better 718-727-2800 400 Forest Ave Curbside pickup and delivery Better 718-668-0400 2333 Hylan Blvd Curbside pickup, delivery Better 718-984-1900 877 Huguenot Ave Curbside pickup, delivery Better 718-983-0404 4077 Victory Blvd Curbside pickup, delivery Beyar’s Market 718-761-4215 2241 Victory Blvd Free Delivery to seniors in ZIP 10314 Big Al’s Pizzeria 718-395-1519 4069 Hylan Blvd Delivery Big Nose Kates 718-227-2266 2484 Arthur Kill Rd Takeout and delivery Bin 5 718-448-7275 1233 Bay St Pickup & Delivery Bistro Grill 347-630-7857 3972 Hylan Blvd Delivery Blue 718-273-7777 1115 Richmond Terr Delivery and pickup Bravo Pizza 718-317-1010 413 New Dorp Lane Takeout and delivery Brioso Ristorante 718-667-1700 174 New Dorp Lane Takeout and delivery Bruno NYC 718-987-5859 1650 Hylan Blvd Thurs-Sun 8am-5pm Bruno NYC 718-448-0993 676 Forest Ave Temporarily closed Burrito Bar 718-815-9200 585 Forest Ave Curbside and delivery with cocktails 10% off for cash orders Cafe Bella Vita 718-667-5656 1919 Hylan Blvd Pickup and delivery Cafe Con Pan Bakery Restaurant 347-861-0364 32 New Dorp Plaza Takeout and delivery Cafe Milano 718-720-1313 401 Forest Ave Takeout and delivery Call It A Wrap 728-876-8300 1198 Forest Ave Pickup and delivery Campania Coal Fired Pizza 347-983-4998 240 Page Avenue Delivery Campania Coal Fired Pizza 718-865-3473 3900 Richmond Ave Pick up and delivery Canlon’s 718-667-3013 1845 N Railroad Ave Takeout and Delivery Cantina Mexicana 718-351-5474 140 New Dorp Lane Takeout and delivery Cargo Cafe 718-273-7770 120 Bay St Curbside Pickup Casanova 718-682-1331 3555 Victory Blvd Pickup or takeout Chang Noi Thai 718-442-8424 100 Stuyvesant Ave Takeout and Delivery Chick-Fil-A 864-337-6330 Staten Island Mall Chili’s Grill & Bar 718-697-0883 1497 Richmond Ave Delivery Chinar on the Island 718-390-5305 283 Sand Lane Takeout and delivery Ciro Pizza Cafe 718-605-0620 862 Huguenot Ave Takeout and delivery Classic Pizza 718-987-2500 3201 Richmond Road Delivery Cole’s Dockside 718-948-5588 369 Cleveland Ave Curbside pickup, delivery Commons Cafe 347-466-4207 2 Teleport Drive Takeout and delivery Corner House BBQ 718-987-1227 102 Lincoln Ave Takeout Craft House 718-442-3433 60 Van Duzer St Takeout and delivery Cucina Fresca 718-667-5151 2110 Richmond Road Pick up and delivery Cuzco 347-852-9958 490 Broadway Pickup, Doordash, Grubhub Da Noi 718-720-1650 138 Fingerboard Rd Temporarily closed Daddy [more…]

  • Incredible Kids Logo Incredible Kids Awards

    Staten Island’s Incredible Kids Awards recognizes and honors outstanding children in the community. Each month, we ask Staten Islanders to nominate kids who’ve made a difference in their community or in the lives of others. The honorees and their impressive achievements will be recognized in Staten Island Parent and on siparent.com, and will receive a $150 Amazon gift card, courtesy of Staten Island University Hospital. Scroll down and click the button at the bottom of the page to enter or vote for the child you feel deserves to be honored in Staten Island’s Incredible Kids Awards. Meet February’s Featured Pediatric Specialists Staten Island University Hospital’s pediatric endocrinologists specialize in the treatment of children who experience problems involving growth, puberty, diabetes, and hormonal disorders that affect growth and development. Click the button above to enter or vote for a child in Staten Island’s Incredible Kids Awards! Nomination Period: February 1 – February 14 Voting Period: February 15– February 28 New Contest Begins on or around March 2 Meet Staten Island’s Incredible Kids Meet the September Incredible Kid of the Month, Caylee Pecorato! Meet the October Incredible Kid of the Month, Angelina Palmer! Meet the November Incredible Kids of the Month, Amina & Ariana Cross! Meet the December Incredible Kid of the Month, Julianna DiLeo! Meet the January Incredible Kid of the Month, Elena Borrero!

  • elegant white living room A Guide to Home Improvement in Staten Island

    Are you working on any home improvement projects? Planning on renovating, upgrading, painting, redecorating, or updating your house? You’ll need contractors, painters, landscapers, HVAC specialists, remodelers, and more. Check out our first edition of Fix Up My Home, our new digital magazine where you’ll find tips and ideas for home upgrades as well as many Staten Island home improvement professionals. You can also win a $500 Gift Card to Home Depot!! Three Easy Ways To View: • Scroll through the issue within the box below, or • Click the arrow in the upper right corner below, or • Download Fix Up My Home here Enjoy! Fix Up My Home Incredible Kids Contest


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