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10 Locations in NY/NJ Waters To Possibly Spot Whales from Shore

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR EVENT UPDATES AND MORE! There have been a phenomenal number of whale sightings in the waters off the coast of New York and New Jersey, and those who take the time to look from

5 Milestones Kids Should Ideally Hit Before Kindergarten

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR EVENT UPDATES AND MORE! While the temperature is still hot outside for many of us, back to school season is nearly underway. Kindergarten is an important step for all children and most parents are

Write the Perfect Essay: Insider Tips From Admissions Professionals

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR EVENT UPDATES AND MORE! This fall, high school seniors will be balancing class loads, sports and special events, along with working on finalizing the list of to which they want to apply and crafting

15 Tips for Finding the Right After-School Activity

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR EVENT UPDATES AND MORE! Kids’ interests and activities are as diverse as the children themselves. Just as the right activity can build self-esteem and provide hours of enjoyment, the wrong one can lead to

ACES Approved for Staten Island!

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR EVENT UPDATES AND MORE! Great news for Staten Island families of children with intellectual disabilities. The New York City Department of Education heard our calls and has expanded the Academics, Career, and Essential Skills

Sweet Cherry Recipes

A Sweet Superfruit for Summer Meals (Family Features) From backyard barbecues and family picnics to a bright addition to seasonal recipes, sweet cherries not only provide a boost of flavor but also pack a punch when it comes to nutrition,

Back to School Readiness Checklist

Prepare for Kindergarten on Staten Island

Prepare ✔ Your child likely needs more than a new backpack and lunchbox for the first day. Purchase bento boxes, reusable water bottles, small ice packs, thermoses, pocket tissues, etc. ✔ Stock up on breakfast and lunch supplies. If possible,

Food, Flick & Fun Giveaway WINNER!

Congratulations to the winner of our Food, Flick & Fun Giveaway, who will receive a free day of fun at AMC Theatre and Dave & Buster’s! Christina Schultz YOU could be our next BIG WINNER! Sign up for awesome events,

Selecting the Best After-School Programs for Your Child in Staten Island

Parents are faced with so many important decisions when it comes to their children’s well-being — and choosing the correct after-school activities to excite and engage their kids is one of the many careful, thought-provoking financial and personal commitments they

A Controlled Bow Hunt

Could It Help Manage Staten Island’s Exploding Deer Population? CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR EVENT UPDATES AND MORE! The rise in Staten Island’s deer population has caused great concern. It has increased the potential for injuries and death due to deer-vehicle

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