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11 Reasons to Attend a School Open House

If your child is in the process of applying for enrollment in a new school for the following year, attending as many Open House events at prospective schools is extremely important. Here’s why. Meet the faculty. This is your opportunity

Everything You Need to Know Now About Applying for New York City High Schools in 2019

It’s hard to believe, but your little one is not so little anymore. He or she will be applying for high school this fall! Where has the time gone, you ask? We can’t help you there. But we CAN give

Wearable Fall Trends

The fall season is all about remixing modern classics, which means some fall trends may already be hanging in your closet. However, if you decide to upgrade a few basics, you can find plenty of worthy investment pieces this season

7 Stylish Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

Whether you’re a new homeowner embarking on your first foray into the world of interior design or someone longing to update your surroundings, decorating and furnishing your living space can be a daunting task. Here’s a crash course on beautifying

2019 Staten Island Fall Festivals, Halloween Events & Haunted House Displays

Fuzzy sweaters, brightly colored leaves, hot apple cider, pumpkin flavored everything… Isn’t fall wonderful? Check out a list of haunted (and not-so-haunted) happenings this season. Please be sure to call ahead to confirm days, times and locations of each event.

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Power-Packed Lunchbox Ideas

Packing and prepping wholesome lunches doesn’t have to be a chore. You can kick health into high gear this school year with new ideas to make creative, nutrient-rich meals. Fit to satisfy various dietary restrictions, the Power Your Lunchbox program

Don’t Mind the Mess: Why One Mama Chooses Sanity Over Scrubbing

When my husband and I were dating, his mother had this wastebasket in her bathroom that was always empty. Always. It seemed to serve virtually no purpose whatsoever, having a wastebasket in your bathroom but not using it. Sometimes I’d

Teachers’ Top Needs for 2019

Great classrooms don’t happen by accident. Teachers across the country work hard to build vibrant, energizing learning environments for their students, which often means everything from microscopes to pipe cleaners, graphic novels to oboes, class pets to field trips and

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