Homework Help

Whether you’re an adult or an adolescent, everyone struggles in something. Homework time can be just as frustrating for parents as it can be for children. There are many strategies to use when your child needs extra help in school or help with homework.

Staten Island has different opportunities to help them gain a better understanding of those areas that they are struggling with even when a teacher is just a phone call away. Concentration is also key to good studying. That’s why Staten Island opens their libraries for not only reading but homework help as well. It’s a great way for your student to go from an “okay” grade to an “I’m so proud of you!” grade.

Dial-A-Teacher Program
(212) 777-3380

Homework Help at the Library
Many libraries in Staten Island offer free homework help to kids at various times throughout the week. Check our Family Calendar for more info, or call your nearest library branch. See Library Hours and Locations by clicking here.

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