Indoor & Outdoor Snow Day Ideas

Outdoor Fun Ideas

Shovel a shallow path in the snow around the yard to create a snow maze.

Bring toy dump trucks outside and play “snow removal.”

Ask the kids to help you shovel (the little ones may like this more than the big ones).

Go on a nature walk. Gather winter nature items, like pine cones and icicles. Look for frozen “fossils.”

Make giant marbles: fill water balloons with colored water and leave outside over night.

Ditch the snowman; make snow monsters! Get fun snowman ideas at

Help a neighbor. Check in on elderly friends and neighbors and offer to shovel their driveways and walkways, if necessary.

Blow bubbles and watch them freeze in mid-air.

Go sledding. Check to find the best sledding spots in local parks. Anywhere with a hilly terrain will do!

Indoor fun Ideas

Do some Lunar New Year-themed crafts.

Make a “train” using kitchen table chairs. Kids can take turns playing conductor. Or make a roller coaster instead. Weeeee!

Movie time: hot chocolate + popcorn. Dim the lights!

Throw an indoor “beach” party with beach towels, sand pails, bathing suits, sunglasses, etc.

Fill your bathtub with snow and let the kids play.

Get creative with colored tape: floor maze, racetracks, hopscotch, limbo, endless possibilities!

Make a big pot of soup together. Kids can help toss ingredients in the pot!

Have a scavenger hunt. Use themes like colors or numbers.

Silly storytelling; take turns making up funny stories.

Go camping indoors by setting up a tent in your living room. Stovetop s’mores, anyone?

Host a coloring marathon. Find coloring sheets of your kids’ favorite characters on the internet and print them out.

Grab the mani/pedi kit and have a spa day.

Write letters to friends, family, the President, anyone!

Make snowflake cut-outs and hang them up for an “indoor” snow storm.

Make an indoor hopscotch board using cardboard squares.

Make indoor basketball hoops using rounded pool noodles duct taped to the wall.

Track the DSNY snow plows as they clear the streets in your neighborhood. Go to

Host a fashion show. Use long hallways as a “runway.” If more than two inches of snow have accumulated on paved surfaces, call Naperville snow removal service!

Host a board game marathon. Go to for ideas!

Have a karaoke contest. No machine? Just use YouTube instrumental videos with lyrics.

Make some sticky slime. Go to find out how.

Have a paper airplane race.

Make finger paint masterpieces. You can even google how to make homemade fingerpaint.

Play Mad Libs or create your own.

Use electrical tape to make an indoor racetrack for toy cars on your kitchen floor.

Got extra boxes leftover from the holidays? Make cardboard box crafts, like “Feed Your Monster” on page 74.

Forts! Couch cushion forts, blanket forts, furniture forts – anything works as long as you can hide out in it all day long. It wouldn’t be a problem even if you were looking for an antique option, because that’d only add a flair of antiquity to the place.

Get crafty. Find ideas for winter-themed crafts at

Make Valentine’s Day cards and surprises for the special people in your life.

Have a reading marathon. Pick a special book theme like winter, sports, or selections from famous women or African Americans.

Bake together. Make cookies, cake, muffins, anything that kids can help out making.

Combine glue and epsom salt on paper in a sensory activity for little ones that might get messy but will be fun!