Parenting Hacks From…..Alexa??

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There are tens of millions of Alexa devices out there today, and every day people are amazed at how Alexa is becoming a part of their lives, but did you ever think she would even help make parenting just a little bit easier. For instance, did you know Alexa can play “judge” and settle a sibling dispute?

From helping kids sleep, to getting them out the door in the morning – even printing a coloring page, here are some Alexa lifehacks that you might not have known:


·      “Alexa, tell me a story”: Just ask Alexa to tell a story and she’ll read an original, kid-friendly, short story like Puppy Love, Batter UpNew Pet, and more.


·      Ask Alexa to settle a fight: Are your siblings having a disagreement? Just ask Alexa to “enable Kids Court” and she will be your impartial judge. In this skill, Alexa will ask the parties to explain the problem, ask follow-up questions to encourage kids to be truthful and friendly, then issue an impartial ruling based on their responses.


·      Let Alexa help your kids brush their teeth: Alexa can help make brushing their teeth a habit for kids. Enable The Tooth Fairy skill and Alexa will explain facts about dental care, give words of encouragement while your kids are brushing or flossing and play music to help them with timing.


·      Ask Alexa to play sleep sounds: Enable one of many ambient sounds skills for Alexa and make falling asleep easier for your kids. Just ask Alexa to play rain soundsforest soundsspace sounds and much more.


·      Get out the door in the morning: Who hasn’t had trouble getting kids out the door for school? Enable the Out the Door skill for Alexa, and she’ll turn your daily routine into an adventure, with missions like ‘get dressed,’ ‘brush your teeth,’ or ‘get your backpack.’


·      Ask Alexa to print a coloring page: Do the kids need something to do? If you have an HP printer at home, with the HP Printer skill, you can just ask Alexa to print pre-installed templates like a Crayola coloring page, a word search game, bingo cards, and more! Just say, “Alexa, enable HP printer,” and she’ll walk you through the steps to link your printer. Then, your kids can just say, “Alexa, ask my printer to print a Crayola coloring page.”


·      Get moving with music and exercise games: Enable the Music Bop to skill to get your kids moving and learning along with Alexa, or enable the Animal Workout skill – and Alexa will walk kids through various fun and funny workouts where they get to pretend to be all kinds of critters!


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