Valentine’s Love Bots

Boot up your creativity this Valentines Day with these adorable Valentine Love Bots! You and your little sweethearts can even create a whole Love Bot family together. Here’s how to make them.

Googly eyes
Pipe cleaners
Valentine’s Day decorations such as hearts
2-5 used 6.75-ounce Juicy Juice boxes
Valentine’s Day gift wrap

Step 1 – Wrap your empty juice box in Valentine’s Day gift wrap using glue or tape.
Step 2 – Use glue to adhere your robot’s eyes in place.
Step 3 – Now it’s time for the arms! Use glue or tape to adhere your robot’s arms (pipe cleaners) in place.
Step 4 – Continue to bring your robot to life by using tape or glue to add another pipe cleaner to the top of the robot’s head.
Step 5 – Use a marker to draw your robot’s mouth.
Step 6 – Decorate with the supplies of your choice! We used red, white and pink hearts.
Step 7 – Repeat Steps 1-6 at least once or twice to create a whole robot family!

Printed with permission from Juicy Juice. See more crafts at