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2019 Staten Island Fall Festivals, Halloween Events & Haunted House Displays

Fuzzy sweaters, brightly colored leaves, hot apple cider, pumpkin flavored everything… Isn’t fall wonderful? Check out a list of haunted (and not-so-haunted) happenings this season. Please be sure to call ahead to confirm days, times and locations of each event.

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2019 Fireworks Schedule

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR EVENT UPDATES AND MORE! First thing’s first. If you’re looking to view the mother of all fireworks displays, the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular, you can check out this interactive map for a

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Choosing the Right Cruise for Your Family

Thinking of a mid-sea getaway soon? Here are some things to consider when planning a cruise for your next family vacation. Tips for finding the best cruise: • What does your family need? • What size ship suits your party?

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This is How I Know I’m Failing at Adulthood

Am I the only one who has that single spot in their home that is a constant, infuriating reminder of how epically they are failing as an adult? For me, that spot is a hopelessly disorganized counter in my kitchen.

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Mid-Island Little League: That Championship Season

Frank Scerra was confused. The left-fielder for the Mid-Island Little League 12-year-old all-star team couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. The team had just been honored at Staten Island Borough Hall, and the whirlwind would continue with victory

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What Kids Really Want at Their Birthday Parties

It turns out bigger isn’t always better when it comes to your child’s birthday. Planning a birthday party for your child can seem to get more and more stressful and time consuming year after year, but those big birthday bashes

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Everything You Need to Know When Purchasing and Installing a Car Seat

Enter now to win a Maxi-Cosi Magellan Car Seat The proper car seat and installation can save your child’s life. Car seat regulations are hard to keep up with and manage, especially because they are constantly changing and are different

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Easy Home Organization Hacks for Families

Clutter is a fact of life for most parents. One mom offers tips for taming the mess and getting your home in order. Let’s be honest: When you have kids, you accumulate an abundance of stuff. From products to soothe

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Sign Our Congratulations Card for Champion Mid-Island Little League Team!

OUR GOAL IS GET AT LEAST 1,000 SIGNATURES TO SHARE WITH THE TEAM Congratulations to Coach Joe Calabrese, #2 Jayson Hannah, #3 Chris Cancel, #4 Logan Castellano, #5 John Calabrese, #10 Robert Cavalieri, #12 Chris Bedford, #13 Gregory Bruno, #15

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12 Weeks of Summer – Week 9

Hey Mother Nature — who asked you for all this rain? Can we get a few NICE days, please?? Thankfully, there doesn’t seem to be many thunderstorms in the forecast for the upcoming week, so it’s time to get your

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